Dashboard gauges are still a terrible idea

by Charley Kyd on October 27, 2010

This is a typical example of a business gauge, from Dundas Data Visualization. Each gauge uses excessive digital "ink" to report just three numbers.

I recently received a note from a reader who was upset with my e-book, Dashboard Reporting With Excel.

In part, she wrote, “I thought maybe your product might be useful, so for $39.00 I thought I would give it a try.  However, after reviewing it, it’s clear that your product doesn’t even cover Gauges.  In fact, you don’t even endorse using them.” So she asked for a refund, which I issued immediately, of course.

My resistance to gauges should have come as no surprise to her; my article, Down With Gauges!, has received high Web traffic for years.

In part, I responded that there are at least two good alternatives to gauges.

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