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Excel Coaching and Consulting...

...A quick and effective way to bring massive improvements to your Excel reporting and analytical methods.

from the desk of Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports

Until recently, I haven't accepted any Excel coaching or consulting clients for several years. But now, the door is open.

If you're looking for massive improvements in your Excel reporting and analytical methods, I can personally work with you toÖ

1.      Slash your Excel reporting times...without using macros.
2.      Slash your Excel error rates.
3.      Make your Excel reports INCREDIBLY popular.

I'll help you with ANY Excel reports and analyses...not just with Excel dashboard reports, for which I'm widely known.

For example, I might help you to...

  • Arrange your Excel data so that Excel formulas can flow values to your reports automatically.
  • Improve you worksheet methods so that errors become much less likely in your reports and analyses.
  • Use lookups and other formulas to scrub (or "cleanse") your source data automatically.
  • Use simple methods to update your Excel reports and analyses automatically, without using macros.
  • Create professional-looking charts that your managers and other VIPs can read more easily.
  • Make your VIPs crave your Excel reports

There are two ways I might do this for you.

First, I can work on a consulting basis to transform your most-troublesome Excel reports and analyses for quick updating and easy reading.

Second, I can train and then coach you and other Excel users in your organization to transform your Excel work by yourselves. Training topics might include...

  • Lookup methods, like INDEX-MATCH and VLOOKUP...which can enhance your reports and analyses in many ways.
  • Filtered aggregation formulas, like SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, and array formulas...which can flow data into your reports easily.
  • Conditional formatting...which can alert you to errors and outliers in your reports.
  • Professional charting methods...even if you're new to charts.
  • Dynamic range names...which can make your reports and analyses more powerful and easier to maintain.
  • Or any of the other topics I've written about in nearly 1000 pages here at

In short, if you want to massively improve your Excel methods, I can give you and your co-workers the customized Excel training and support you need.

Ideally, we set up the coaching groups within your company. That way, coaching sessions could discuss your actual data and reports. Otherwise, you could join a coaching group with Excel users from other companies.

In either case, coaching groups will consist of at least five members, so you can learn from each other.

To learn more, send a message to me at this address...

...and please use the email subject Coaching or Consulting. That way, I can identify your message quickly and give it the highest priority.

In your message, please tell me your title, department, and organization. Describe the Excel problems you're having, and how you would like me to help. And be sure to include your phone number and time zone.


This offer is extremely limited because of the intense, one-on-one time needed to provide you with great results.

Therefore, it's physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of consulting clients and coaching groups at one time.

Also, you should realize thereís a very large demand for personal one-on-one help from me, and the benefits Iím offering you and your organization are significant.

I have time for new clients now, but the window of opportunity wonít be open long.

Talk soon,

Charley Kyd