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by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports
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Excel Dashboard Templates

Display your data in professional-quality Excel dashboard reports, using only Excel. Because these templates are linked to spreadsheets with data ("Excel databases"), you can update your reports quickly. Just update your Excel database, change the report date, and print.

IncSight DB

Learn more for Excel 2007

Choose among portrait and landscape templates that contain charts of various sizes and small tables. Update your reports in seconds because they're linked to Excel data worksheets.



IncSight QnE

Learn more for Excel 2007

Choose among portrait and landscape dashboard templates with the same number of charts in a matrix, from 4 charts through 28. With so many dashboards to choose from, you're sure to find the high-impact dashboard report that can display your measures. Update your reports in seconds because they're linked to Excel data worksheets.

IncSight Medley

Learn more for Excel 2007

Like all IncSight dashboard templates, these templates are dynamic. That means their formulas get their data from Excel data worksheets. So as you change your report date, these reports update automatically, without VBA.

Unlike other IncSight templates, these dashboard templates also support dynamic text and multiple business divisions, regions, departments, and so on.

So both the text and numbers in these dashboards update automatically when you change your date or other filters.


Learn more for Excel 2007

If you prepare monthly financial statements you're going to want to take a close look at this low-cost dashboard report. It combines traditional financial statements with charts of financial measures.



Excel dashboard color themesLearn more for Excel 2007Get custom color themes for your Excel dashboard reports.


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Ebooks, Charts, & Tables

E-Book: Dashboard Reporting With Excel

Dashboard Reporting With ExcelMore than 25,000 Excel users have purchased  my 200-page e-book to learn the secrets of dashboard reporting with Excel. Learn how to create mini-charts, how to use Excel's Camera tool to create flexible tables, how to set up Excel databases, how to display PivotTable data in dashboards, how to create Excel databases, and more.


Charley's Swipe Files

Charts for ExcelI created these charts using only Excel. Use them to delight your business audience, expand your Excel charting skills, and improve your Excel reports, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and HTML figures. Subscribe to Charley's Swipe Files and save 75%.

The Excel Experimental Laboratory

Learn how to create advanced Excel solutions by experimenting with low-cost, working versions of cutting-edge Excel techniques.

In this first solution, see how an Excel report can expand and contract—without using macros—when you change the value of a criteria in a cell.


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More of Our Many Testimonials

"You're my hero! This is incredibly slick. I'm an independent consultant, and this should WOW a lot of clients."

Mark Johnson
Vector Group Services

"I learned more from your excel dashboards pdf in 1 day, than I learned in months at investment banking and management consulting."

Adam Altman
Chief Operating Officer
A strategic management company

"I purchased your dashboard reports and have used them with great success at my former job. The reports are easy to use and really turn heads and drop jaws in meetings.

"I have just changed companies and would like another copy of the dashboard reports sent to my home email address."

Stuart Strepman
An investment management firm

" of the most useful tools in my Excel tool belt. I have built several dashboards that had a positive impact on my career. Thank you!"

George Bryant
Acuren North Slope Project Manager
BP plc

"Your book is fantastic! Have learned more from that book than I have in 20 years of using spreadsheets."

Albert J Rossman
Senior Manager, Financial Integration
Abbott Laboratories

"I purchased your book and it has been an awesome tool. I was made aware of your resources while I was earning my MBA. I'm so glad I saved that link because this material is helping me complete this high profile task."

Warren Walker
Copy & Print Services Midwest Manager
Duke Energy

"All I can say is fabulous! It's unbelievable what I have been missing for years.

"The Camera functionality alone makes the small cost of your book and files worth every penny and more.

"Excellent, many thanks."

John Rixon
Assoc Business Manager
Kraft Foods Inc

"The dashboard e-book is absolutely awesome!

"I didn’t realize Excel could do what I wanted it do!

"I’ve started setting up our dashboards to update the look of our annual report."

Heidi L. Rockwood
Admin Assistant to the VP
University of Illinois

"Thank god I found this great tool on the web. Definitely a must have!"

Ralph Pollandt
Financial Planning Manager
LAN Airlines (Peru)

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Examples of Charley's Swipe Charts
Learn more for all versions of ExcelGreat Charts -- Learn from these professionally designed Excel displays and improve your Excel reports, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and HTML figures.

Professional-quality Excel dashboard reports
Learn more for Excel 2007Excel Dashboards
--IncSight DB Excel dashboard reports include charts and tables of various sizes, using formulas linked to data worksheets. These Excel dashboards show two of DB's 20 reports. 

Excel dashboard report

Learn more for Excel 2007Excel Dashboard--IncSight QnE Excel dashboard reports fill the page with charts of various sizes, using formulas linked to data worksheets. This "7x4" page is one of 34 that QnE provides.

A Few of Our Many Testimonials

"You made me look like a superstar with this. Nice work."

Bill Lalor
National Manager of Technical Support
COSCO Container Lines Americas

"Your ebook is FANTASTIC!!! The techniques informed by you really break everything down to simple easy to understand steps, besides enhancing my knowledge of Excel (never heard of the camera tool before).

With just an initial reading (and cannibalizing from your dashboard!), I created a dummy dashboard in 2 days "

Manoj Kapashi
Cost Analyst
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation

"We are using the dashboards to daily track three key productivity measures at team levels. This allows us to perform visual trending analysis very, very quickly and determine if or where we might need to refocus our attention.

"Typically, these measures would have been reviewed at month-end, so having this capability keeps us from potentially wasting 1/12th of a year before we identify potential unfavorable trends.

"Needless to say, our Management Team loves these dashboards!"

Ron Barrett
Ocean Peace, Inc.

"We love your e-book and have deployed a good number of dashboard using it !!! Our Clients think we are gods..."

Paul Faust
Business Process Consultant
Wells Fargo Financial

"Thank You --
 Thank You --

"You’ve allowed me to WOW my boss by automating a lot of our invoice processing and all I had to do was cut and paste my info over yours in the data sheet.

"You saved me many hours of work and tons of frustration."

Kathy Grant
Project Administrator

"I must say that together with you book, your Dashboards are fantastic.

"I spent a day getting familiar with their inner logic in order to make them work with our existing Excel report that used scorecs scattered across several worksheets.

"And I am very, very happy with the result. This is going to have a great impact on our internal reporting.

"You have one more very happy customer here... in Cambodia!"

Michel Dauguet
DFDL Mekong

"With the help of your e-book, I was able to design automated scorecards that we’ve been using for 2 years now."

Marc Labrie
Senior Business Analyst
Mabe Canada

"I bought your e-book, "Dashboard Reporting With Excel" last year – a fantastic purchase!"

Kevin Hodge
Key Account Mgr
General Mills

"What a great book!

"Now I can apply my newfound charting skills to quickly create dashboards on how my trust line of business is performing."

Darryl Meyers
Senior VP
Wells Fargo Private Client Services

"A godsend! I wish I had purchased your ebook a lot sooner."

Peter Cassinelli
SCA Systems Ltd.

"The book is a joy! Your writing is simple, elegant, and clear. So mahalo nui loa, as we say in Hawai`i – thank you for your very great effort."

Toddy Hagans
Data Specialist
Hamakua Health Ctr

"Your book was of immense help to me. I produce dashboards on a regular basis in my life as a CFO and generally have reduced time in spreadsheet hell."

Shaun Spalding
(Moscow, Russia)

"I purchased your book this morning! Love it!"

Dallan Lax
Streamline Business Solutions, LLC

"Bought the book and the files. So far, wow-wee!"

Alex Ortolano
Marketing Product Manager
"I love the product!"

Jay Bryan

"All I can say is Wow! This is amazing! I have done dashboards before but never like these."

Jerry Kohl
Brighton Collections