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Upgrade Your Excel Dashboard Training With 101 Worksheets of Excel Examples

by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports

You recently purchased my ebook, Dashboard Reporting with Excel... So I know youíre interested in learning how to create great Excel reports.

And because my ebook shows you how to update those reports quickly, I thought you might want to save even more time.

Thatís why I created the Accelerator Kit for Dashboard Reporting with Excel

Hereís What It's All About

My ebooks for Excel 2010 and 2013 dashboards include dozens of figures I created specifically for those books. In total, I created 101 worksheets with working examples or supporting data. To illustrate, here are four sets of examples from the ebook...

Example Set 1

Figure 3-17 below is one of three figures I show to illustrate why line-and-area charts provide a lot more information than gauges. The Accelerator Kit lets you dig into these charts to see how they work.

Figure 5-8 shows a simple traffic light in cell B3, which changes from up, to sideways, to down...depending on whether the Score value in the yellow cell is equal to 1, 2, or 3. This type of traffic light display relies on two key Excel features: linked pictures and dynamic range names. The Accelerator Kit allows you to see exactly how I set up those items.


Example Set 2

In Figure 9-2 below, the top image is one that I copied from the Business Week web site more than ten years ago. Below that, I created an Excel chart that matches the BW figure fairly closely. In the book, I use figures like this to illustrate that you can use chart figures from magazines and newspapers to inspire figures in your dashboards, your written reports, your PowerPoint slides, and so on.

In my book, I used this display to show what CAN be done. But in the Accelerator Kit, I let you see HOW it's done.

In the book, I used a series of figures to illustrate how to add various features and changes to an Excel chart. Figure 3-14 is the last in that series. By reading my explanations and then looking at the actual chart figures in each step, you'll learn more about Excel charting, more quickly.

By the way, as you probably know, Excel hides gridlines behind column charts and area charts. The Excel chart in Figure 9-2 illustrates this behavior because that's how Business Week designed their chart. But in Figure 3-14, the gridlines are visible with the area plot. The files in the Accelerator Kit let you see for yourself how this is done.

Example Set 3

Figure 9-6 shows the first two companies in a list of large companies that was compiled by Fortune. The most interesting items in their list were the tiny charts with large Y-axis labels.

Figure 9-1 compares my simplified Excel figure with a figure from Business Week. The challenge in creating the Excel chart was similar to the challenge for Figure 9-6: How do we display the text above each bar in the bar chart and how do we display the percentages within each bar?

You'll see my solutions for both figures in the Accelerator Kit.

Example Set 4

The Excel 2010 version of Dashboard Reporting with Excel explains how to create the dashboard report at the left below. The Excel 2013 version explains the report at the right. They're actually the same dashboard report, but with different color themes.

The Accelerator Kit includes the full working version of this dashboard, and both the Excel 2010 and the Excel 2013 versions of the Accelerator Kit include workbooks for each color theme. So you'll be able to switch between these versions of the dashboard easily.

In both cases, these dashboard reports are linked to two Excel data worksheets. The area plots in each chart show Targets and the lines show Actuals.

Hereís Why Readers Are So Enthusiastic About These Files

I created a package like this for the first edition of Dashboard Reporting with Excel...but as an afterthought.  As a consequence, I hadn't set up an easy way in the book for readers to find the worksheet that supported a particular figure. But in this edition, I added captions to each figure, which tell you specifically where to find its I illustrate in the figures above.

But even though I didn't include those captions in the first edition, most readers bought the files and I received enthusiastic comments about them. Here are some of the reasons why...

1. The files in the Accelerator Kit give you the immediate ability to experiment with the designs and ideas that I describe. By working "hands-on" with these worksheets, you'll learn my cutting-edge charting and reporting techniques more completely.

2. The files will help you to find errors in your work. I know that sometimes I tend to head off in the wrong direction when I work with new technology. If you have a similar problem, these files will keep you on track.

3. The files will save you hours of work. Once you have an Excel dashboard set up, you can update it quickly and easily. But creating that first dashboard can take a long time. So just having a working version of Figure 8-1, above, will save you many hours.

4. Because the Accelerator Kit contains a full working version of the dashboard report I teach you to create, you'll be able to generate your own dashboard reports like that much more quickly.

Because the Accelerator Kit will save so many hours of work and offer so much help in teaching you my dashboard techniques, a price of only $99.00 seems reasonable. But as an introductory price for this edition, I've decided to charge only $69.00.

If you want to give your managers, clients, or other VIPs your dashboard reports as quickly as possible, and if you want to avoid the coming price increase, you need to act now.

Special Bonus Offers

The designs for the dashboard reports shown below are from pages that two business magazines published for many years, and I've always liked both of them. I've decided to include these workbooks as a special bonus offer for the introduction of my Accelerator Kit.

I want to be completely honest about these bonuses, however...Neither of them includes the plumbing I teach you to set up in your own dashboards. That is, these workbooks aren't linked to supporting data.

Even so, I think you'll find them useful because they'll teach you how to design your own dashboard report pages in ways you probably wouldn't have considered.

Bonus 1--This dashboard is based on a page that Business Week printed in each issue decades ago. Their report was in yellow and red, however.   Bonus 2--This dashboard design comes from a page that Forbes magazine published for years. It presents a massive amount of data in one page that's easy to browse.

I urge you to act quickly so you can take advantage of my bonus offers and the introductory price.

But more important, I urge you to act quickly to begin helping your VIPs to get more out of their data, and to help improve your own career.


Product Details

Excel Versions:

Versions are available for Excel 2010 and for Excel 2013,


Instant download of the zipped Excel files. If you ever need another download, you can get it at any time.


One full year, unconditional.


All prices are in US Dollars.


Two copies: One for work plus one for home.

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