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Dashboard Strategies

Take Your Excel Reports to the Next Level

Here's a quick, low-cost way to use a practical Excel dashboard reporting system.

by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports

Stage One Excel DashboardThis figure illustrates the first stage in creating PRACTICAL Excel dashboard reports. I call it the Stage One Excel dashboard.

This dashboard report offers the same advantages that my bundle of 50 Excel dashboard reports, Kyd War Room, offers, but at a much lower price.

1. You can create and update a Stage One report quickly.

After you set up your data for the first time, you typically can set up each chart in less than a minute. And after you update your data each period, your reports update automatically when you open  them.

2. Stage One is linked to separate data workbooks.

You maintain your Actual data in one data workbook and your Target data (if you have targets) in another workbook.

With this design, you can set up any number of different reports that all get their data from the same two workbooks. Each report can have its own title and display its own measures, of course.

To update your reports monthly, you merely update your Actual data workbook, and then you open each report workbook, change the report date to the new period, and then print your report or save it as a PDF.

3. Stage One scales your chart data automatically.

For example, if your largest data value is in thousands of dollars, Stage One will scale your chart data so the y-axis value displays something like "10.0" rather than "10,000". And Stage One will set the label below the chart so it displays "Thousands of $".

Similarly if your largest data value is in millions of shoes, your chart will display a y-axis value that's something like "10.0" rather than "10,000,000". And the label below your chart will display "Millions of Shoes".

And these adjustments will happen automatically as the largest value in your chart changes.

4. Stage One is internationalized.

Stage One adjusts its date formats automatically to the date settings that you specify. It also offers a setting for your currency symbol (like "$") and for your currency name (like "Dollars")...settings that are used throughout your report, as needed.

Taking Your Next Steps...

I could describe Stage One in more detail, but you can explore it for yourself for only seven bucks...which is the lowest price I've ever seen for a real Excel dashboard system. And because it's guaranteed for one full year, the risk is all mine.

Get Stage One now and deliver your first report to your VIPs within an hour or so. Do it now, while it's on your mind, and before you lose the link to this page.


Product Details

Excel Versions:

Available for Excel 2007 and above, for both Windows and Mac Excel.


Instant download of zipped Excel files. If you ever need another download, you can get it at any time.


One full year, unconditional.


All prices are in US Dollars.


Two copies: One for work plus one for home.

Credit Cards:

Credit Cards

Will Your Company Reimburse You?

If you need a receipt so your company can reimburse you, no problem. You'll receive an emailed receipt within minutes of purchase. If its format doesn't meet your needs, I'll work to get you what you need.

Here's What You Get:

The Stage One Report Template with nine charts, as shown above.

Two Data Workbooks to which your reports are linked.

Only $7.00

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